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Matcha-Infused Creamed
Matcha-Infused Creamed
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Matcha-Infused Creamed

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This bright green honey is the result of the matcha green tea infusion.

Matcha is currently a very trendy flavor, found often at coffee and dessert shops, but for those who aren't familiar with the flavor: matcha is a special, powerful form of Japanese green tea. It comes from the same plant but is grown and prepared differently. The whole leaf is ground into a powder, providing higher caffeine and antioxidants.

Some who try matcha for the first time are put off by its bitterness; however, the sweetness of the honey makes it much more palatable - I think it's among my favorite creamed honey flavors.


Asking yourself, what should you do with this honey? Matcha honey is a great breakfast spread and there are so many more options, so here are our recommendations...
Sweet Suggestions
Ice creams, crepes, scones, cheesecake and lattes.
Putting it in your tea may give you an extra boost.

Honey Info.

Infused honey is the result of combining honey and high quality dried herbs or other dried ingredients, plus time, love, and patience. Once the desired flavor profile is reached, we carefully strain the added ingredients.


Creamed honey is a “controlled crystallization” that allows for small crystals to make the honey spreadable instead of the larger crystals of solid, unprocessed honey.