Please place weekend pick up orders by noon on Friday to ensure they are bottled in time. Our kitchen is closed for bottling Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.


Bee2Bee's Launch

In a few hours, this website will finally launch. 

This is my first business. 
I feel like a virgin queen bee emerging from her cell. A bee who has been fed royal jelly and has her own attendants. She is part of a working, thriving beehive, all working together for success. This is me piping, saying I've arrived! 

First, I'd like to thank my former employer, TopSpot Internet Marketing. It was while working at this B2B agency I learned the most about digital marketing. The owners have been nothing but kind and supportive of my exit to start Bee2Bee. Many TopSpotters have made this possible, either by giving me advice or helping me when I got stuck on a website issue. They are good at helping businesses and if you need their services, I recommend them.

Urban farmer, Becca Verm, with Bee2Bee at Houston Makerspace

More giant shoutouts to Houston Makerspace and Sown & Grown. Maclean Smyth gave my hive a home when I was having a hard time finding someone to host my backyard bees. Farmer Becca Verm facilitated the move and has bestowed many tools and supplies to get me going. My business now has an headquarters and a community of people helping me succeed.

This entire business wouldn't be possible without Lindsey Schechter of the Houston Dairymaids. Bee2Bee is based (at least partly) by her business model (but instead of cheese it's honey). She's provided me much needed mentorship and advice through the past year. More honey and cheese pairings to come! 

Fellow beekeepers have been one of my best resources. Duane Bradley of Honeycraft physically assisted with the hive move in the middle of summer. Dennis Milliron of Gilmer, TX made me try my own honey for the first time and built cool additions to my Makerspace hive. Andrew Malone of Bliss Honey helped me with the extraction and even donated honey to Bee2Bee when my first harvest was less than I hoped. Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich of Best Bees inspired and encouraged me to start beekeeping services in Houston. This hivemind is full of kind souls and I can't wait to meet more of you.

My friends and family have kept me motivated, even when I was ready to just give up. They have been more or less accepting of this drastic change of lifestyle, even when I said in my best GOB imitation that my business was bees. Bees? Bees! 

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Brenden - supporting our beekeeping passion since the beginning.

Most of all, I'd like to thank my boyfriend, Brenden. He bought me my first beehive. He planted the idea of a honey website in my head during the celebration of our third anniversary. He allowed me obsess, challenged my ideas and has helped me both financially and more often emotionally. You're a keeper, B.  I love you all!