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Urban Beekeeping,
Education and Local Houston Honey

We separate harvests beehive to beehive, as each colony’s foraging is different and results in a different terroir.


Bee2Bee Honey Collective provides beekeeping services and hyperlocal honey throughout Houston. Since 2016, we've installed over 100 beehives in micro-apiaries in Houston yards, on rooftops inside the loop, in suburbs and alongside businesses/non-profits. We also partner with local beekeepers to bring their products to market.

Our specialties include small-batch neighborhood honeys, honey infusions and products of the beehive. We enjoy experimenting with new flavors and seeking special honey varietals. Our honeys are always unfiltered and raw.


Hive and Frame at Bee2Bee - Urban Backyard Beekeeping in Houston

Our mission is educational – we provide beekeeping mentorship to individuals/families as well as classes and presentations on various subjects such as backyard beekeeping, urban pollination, honey varietals, honey marketing and honey pairing. The result is a small army of educated hobbyist beekeepers and an informed public. 

We always bottle in glass  for two main reasons. First, as beekeepers, we are conscious about the environment and try not to add more plastic when possible to the market. Second, bottling in plastic affects the honey’s taste, especially over time. We urge consumers to not buy honey in plastic, to reuse our jars and even offer a deposit towards a future. We take pride in our product and our packaging. Our tureen jars with wide mouths were designed to look beautiful on a cheese board.

Houston backyard beekeeping classes and services.New beekeeper Nicole with her first hive in 2014.

Bee2Bee was founded in 2016, by B2B internet marketer and Houston Dairymaids cheesemonger, Nicole Buergers. Bee2Bee Honey was her answer to a market flooded with both local backyard beekeepers and customers who wanted honey from their neighborhood – but no means to get one connected to the other. She is an accomplished beekeeper providing beekeeping services to the City of Houston, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the Houston Dairymaids as well as families all over Houston. She serves on the board of the Houston Beekeepers Association and is currently in the Texas Master Beekeeper Program. When she is not beekeeping, you can find her at the Houston Dairymaids and on 96.1 ktru, Rice University’s radio station, as a community DJ.



A beekeeping service is similar to hiring a landscaper or swimming pool service. The beekeeper visits your beehives regularly, inspects, treats, and maintains the hives accordingly.
At this time, Bee2Bee only provides full-service beekeeping for commercial and nonprofit clients.

If you are looking for full-service beekeeping management for a residence, we highly recommend The Best Bees Company. Tell them Bee2Bee Honey sent you! 

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Beekeepers often do not have the time or interest in selling their collected honey to the public, mostly giving away honey to friends, family, and neighbors. However, there is a growing demand for hyperlocal honey in Houston. The honey collective is an opportunity for beekeepers to sell their honey to a larger audience. Those who are part of the ongoing beekeeping service or our beekeeping mentorships will also have an opportunity to sell their honey online.


To ensure you're buying high quality honey,
 we believe you should "know your beekeeper."


At Bee2Bee Honey Collective, you'll know the Houston neighborhood where your local honey is from. You can be confident that our honey is unfiltered and unpasteurized, leaving beneficial bee pollen in your honey.


Photography Credits

Sources include
Trent Veazy of TVZ Design
Documentary photographer, Jake Eshelman from his Telling of the Bees project.