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Houston Bee Removal

First thing to know: swarms are docile and you are not in danger. 

This is what a swarm generally looks like - sometimes it's a "ball" hanging from a tree or structure. Mostly a swarm is temporary and will be gone within 24 hours. 


A swarm is different from a colony of bees who have found a home - they are building honeycomb, they are bringing back pollen, etc. These can be either aggressive or docile and are often inside structures, protected from the elements - homes, water meters, sheds, etc. It's best to remove these bees as soon as possible before it becomes an issue (and trust us, they will). Plus, the sooner you do it, the cheaper it will be.

We do not remove bees.
But we know who does.

We often (very often) get messages and phone calls asking us to remove bees from people's property. Many professional beekeepers provide this service; alas, Bee2Bee does not. We like to install bees onto properties and leave carpentry work to those who excel in the trade.


Contact your local/county beekeeping association. They will typically have a list on their site or send out a message to their members.

Houston Beekeepers Association
Houston Natural Beekeepers Association
Harris Country Beekeepers Association

State-wide organizations:

The Texas Association of Professional Bee Removers
The Texas Beekeepers Association has swarm removal resources.

Local Houston beekeepers I know and trust who will re-home your bees.

Steve Ewing (non-structural) 

Mark Lockhart
Katy Busy Bee

Jennifer Scott
The Bee Wrangler

Carlos Hernadez

Also, expect to pay for the beekeepers' time and effort. I hear from people who say, "I've called and it was too expensive/they should do it for free bees." Well, you can't pay bills with bees. This service is how many make a living and it's similar to any other professional home service (plumber, electrician, etc). Shop around until you find a price you're comfortable with.


If this continues to happen to your property year after year, Bee2Bee does offer swarm trap services (to catch swarms safely). Contact us for details.