Please place weekend pick up orders by noon on Friday to ensure they are bottled in time. Our kitchen is closed for bottling Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.



  • Where is the Houston Neighborhood Honey?

    As pollen season is here in Houston, our website is flooded with inquiries about the availability of our small batch, neighborhood honey.

    So, where is this product that our company is famous for and how can you get it? Let me explain! 

  • Please Don't Feed the Honeybees

    Please do not feed the honeybees!
  • Varroa Mites

    BEEKEEPING SERIES: Integrated Pest Management INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT and VERROA MITES Varroa Mites are the biggest pest threat to honeybees. So...
  • Small Hive Beetles

    Beekeepers and Small Hive Beetles in Houston in our Integrated Pest Management Series. Learn more about the life cycle of small hive beetles (SHB), why and how SHB a problem, how to get rid of small hive beetles, our experience with SHB and products to get rid of small hive beetles.
  • Integrated Pest Management for Houston Beekeepers

    When people first approach beekeeping, they consider the positives: forging a human connection to nature, aiding in the pollination of your neighbo...
  • Bee2Bee's Launch

    In a few hours, this website will finally launch.  This is my first business. I feel like a virgin queen bee emerging from her cell. A bee who has ...
  • Bee2Bee Indiegogo Campaign

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of Bee2Bee's Indiegogo Campaign! Bees are arriving next month and we're ready to place them all over the Houston...