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Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

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We mix organic dried elderberries with our local raw Houston honey for an elderberry syrup to help boost immunity and as an aide when having a cold or the flu.

Our syrup starts with filtered spring water, in which dried organic elderberries and synergistic herbs (cinnamon, clove, ginger, rosehips, astragalus root) are steeped. We then add our local honey and voila - Elderberry syrup.

Instructions for use:

Adults should take one tablespoon daily; Children 1 teaspoon daily.
Recommended dose can be taken every 3 hours during active illness.
Do not give to children under one year of age.

Shake Well. Shelf stable enough for shipping, but should be stored in the refrigerator. May start to ferment in about eight weeks, but with daily use, shouldn't be an issue!

Suggested uses: 

Take it daily by the tablespoon - a great way to do this is to mix it with sparkling water. Also great in smoothies or cocktails! Great on oatmeal and ice cream as well. 

Honey Info.

Infused honey is the result of combining honey and high quality dried herbs or other dried ingredients, plus time, love, and patience. Once the desired flavor profile is reached, we carefully strain the added ingredients.


Creamed honey is a “controlled crystallization” that allows for small crystals to make the honey spreadable instead of the larger crystals of solid, unprocessed honey.